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This latest edition of Scrabble that has been designed for all iPads is just wonderful. It's a loyal edition of the timeless board game that is adored by many, and has loads of trendy additions, plus various simple options to play multiplayer games.

The game Scrabble alone is a vocabulary building game that is designed like a crossword; it enables you to create words with tiles that you have been given, and it is down to you to develop on the existing letters that are displayed on the board already.  Giving your brain a real work out – you naturally learn new words along the way through trial and error. The new iPad edition has spanking new features that are totally exclusive.  

The things that Scrabble iPad does the best is imitate the appearance, ambiance, plus the sounds of the initial board game, that have all been added with clever HD visuals, heart-warming sound effects (all the tiled letters pop into the right position with just a gentle click), plus an edge that is guaranteed to make all those who love Scrabble feel as though they’re at home again, including a cybernetic tile rack, which enables you to reorganise all your letters.  Moreover, players even have the option to use their iPod Touches and iPhones when they’re in the party player mode that includes a Tile Rack application.  This app does not cost anything, and it will allow all players to play with and manage your lettered tiles wirelessly. 

Scrabble is mainly about Multiplayer, plus the iPad version offers you various options that include Wi-Fi games, Pass-and-Play, plus Facebook amalgamation, which authorises players to play 25 diverse games along with their pals on Facebook.  The Single player mode has been done incredibly well also, with difficulty levels that are adjustable, plus they have a “best word” choice -brilliant for gaining knowledge or simply “double dealing”, whilst you play the greatest possible score word with the options that are available to you.  The iPad version of Scrabble has an in-built dictionary, which you can use any time you want.  The cost is the only drawback with this edition of Scrabble - it is a bit expensive, although it’s remarkably well implemented and designed.  In addition to this it has a genuine value for all Scrabble admirers. 


iPad Scrabble has five different gameplay modes starting with a single player modality versus the computer that has classics to utilise every single tile, 75 to 100 points, otherwise a game with 8 to 12 rounds. All the other modes focus on connecting with other people to include the straightforward Pass’n’Play if you've got a similar iPad.

A network play that is local is included too and it enables you to hook up to other iPod Touches, iPads and iPhones through Wi-Fi.  There is a Facebook connection that enables you to have fun with this game on Facebook with your pals or games with other members of the public.  You have the option to play 25 diverse games in this mode whilst Scrabble contest with Words and Friends. 

The last mode is known as Party Play; it is the best and the most inventive from the entire group. Scrabble utilises the iPad like it’s a scrabble board, the iPod Touches and iPhone like they are tile racks. All you have to do is download a Tile Rack which does not cost anything onto your iPod Touch/ iPhone, plus connect to the iPad wirelessly, and you’ve got a game for multiplayers where each single player retains their own racks.

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The Positives

All the five different gameplay modalities are wonderful; you ought to have fun playing each one of them. If you have no one to play with then you can opt for the single player option; it is fantastic because the computer gives you a great challenge. Moreover, this particular modality is saved automatically when you start a different mode.

The game Scrabble is mostly about the multiplayer; it really outperforms when it comes to this aspect. The game has been designed to allow four players to play on a single device instead of requiring several iPads. The easy Pass n Play mode is designed for people who just have one single iPad, and they are able to carefully observe others racks whilst they go through their iPad.

The network play option can be used when all the players want to keep their own personal devices. The greatest feature here is the fact that it isn't restricted to other iPads only; you have the option to play the game on your personal iPad versus somebody on their iPod Touch or iPhone. The Facebook connection enables you to have a game of Scrabble with all your Facebook mates on Facebook, or on additional devices. You are allowed to join in with other public games too.  In addition, you are allowed to have several games running simultaneously whilst you play at a pace that suits you; it’s similar to Words with Friends.

The best method of playing Scrabble on an iPad is to allow the iPad to become the real board, and use iPod touches or an iPhone as though it’s a tile rack, therefore everybody is able to keep their personal rack a secret. It seems as though you’re playing the real board game whilst you glide your tiles away from the stand onto the board.  After that, they emerge on a players’ iPad, plus your job is to position your letters in the right place. Each gameplay mode is fabulous; they’re all ideal for any game play situation you end up in.

The most exciting part of this edition of scrabble is that it's so much better compared to playing it on the proper board edition. You do not have to manage any tiles that slide off the board or have to keep the board out somewhere in your room if you decide that you do not want to complete Scrabble in one go. The game's interface is a lot simpler to utilise when you glide each tile onto the board exactly where you’d like them to be with an in-built dictionary, hence you do not have to get into a fight about vocabulary.  In addition, there is a live tracker that tracks all the scores; you do not have to do it yourself.

This game has been designed purely for iPads in all different aspects; this includes the interface between the boards that fills the screen charmingly, which means that you don’t need to zoom out or in to position the tiles. Furthermore, you’re able to turn the board in all directions so that you choose the settings that you wish. The game appears to be a lot better compared to the iPhone edition, plus the iPhone edition has an overcrowded board, and a still auto zoom when you are at 2 xs.

The Negatives

The cost is the only issue when it comes to this edition of Scrabble.  It is $9.99 whereas Words with Friends in HD is just $2.99. Some would say that it’s really worth paying a high price for this version of Scrabble because it is an intellectually stimulating and thought provoking game, which makes it worth every penny.  You might not want to pay this amount though if it’s only a game that you play with your family on Christmas or Boxing Day.  Some have even argued that Scrabble is a lot better than Words with Friends, which we agree with too, although we appreciate that this is a matter of your personal preference and opinion. 

You can purchase the real board version for approximately $15 from a retailer that sells toys, although we believe that the iPad edition that costs $10 is much more superior compared to the board version. You have the option to take the iPad edition of Scrabble anywhere you want to and it doesn’t take up much space at all.  We’ve played it on long flights and train journeys and the time has passed by very quickly.  Scrabble on iPads only takes up around 12 MB of space. This version of scrabble includes an additional feature – you do not have the mess of any physical objects.

The Final Verdict

The iPad edition of Scrabble is an outstanding game; it turns the classical board game into an awesome digital device. Each one of the gameplay modalities are just incredible starting with a single player modality, to multiplayer mode, to the connections with Words with Friends, all the way to the latest party mode. Scrabbles interface has been designed very exquisitely, plus it’s incredibly easy to use it.  Moreover, the Scrabble iPad edition is a nicer experience compared to using the iPhone edition on an iPad.

In summary, EA's iPad version of Scrabble is an essential purchase for all you Scrabble fans and those wanting to build their English vocabularly in a more unconventional and fun way. It enables you to enjoy the game in a completely different way to the traditional board game, allowing you to ditch your old board and lettersat your local charity shop - who I am sure will be glad to take it off your hands. We give this iPad game a well deserving 9/10 overal.

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